The management secret of the hottest Oriental Mori

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Dongfang Senmao Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established after the CPC Central Committee and the State Council made the decision on accelerating forestry development in June 2003. It is a professional enterprise dominated by forestry development and forest product processing, supplemented by ecological agriculture and tourism. At the beginning of its establishment, with a strong sense of mission and sense of China's forestry reform plan, Dongfang Senmao insisted on using the most advanced management and protection technology and the best tree species to strengthen the construction of the company's forestry base

Wu, the commander in chief of the forest management engineering base of Dongfang Senmao Technology Development Co., Ltd., told that the trees of Dongfang Senmao can achieve such growth under the best conditions of congenital site selection, mainly through the efforts of the base management personnel, 6 water and 2 fertilizer per year, 2 caresses and 1 prevention, 400-600 grams of urea and 2 topdressing each time, according to the growth of trees and specific periods, watering, fertilizing, insect prevention, spraying and repairing 2 The high-precision and high-frequency data collection branches, bud wiping, grass raking, land preparation, moisture conservation and other operations, in strict accordance with the "operating technical procedures", make the trees have today's good growth

after the state liberalizes the forestry system, the huge business opportunities contained in China's forestry will inevitably make forestry an industry with a crazy influx of all kinds of capital in the future. Now, international paper-making giants ranked among the world's top 500, such as Stora Enso of FENZHUANG, have begun to widely expand their instruments in southern China. 5 After the impact specimen notch broaching machine completes the experiment, turn off the power supply of the equipment in time. It is suitable for the experiments of stretching, tightening, bending and shearing of metal materials and components. It is suitable for large-scale competition in China's forestry market, including the largest paper giant in Asia, Indonesia's Jinguang group and Japan's Prince paper, which have run horse circles in China's forestry field and spent a lot of money to establish a raw material forest base. From a certain point of view, our national enterprises in China have fallen behind. The key reason is that these foreign enterprises have many years of forestry management experience and management methods. Now, a large number of national enterprises of Beijing Oriental Senmao Technology Development Co., Ltd. have begun to explore various development directions of China's forestry, and the establishment and implementation of the forest management project is the embodiment of the exploration idea in this field

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