The manufacturing industry needs both internal and

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The manufacturing industry needs "internal and external repair"

the manufacturing industry needs "internal and external repair"

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recently, the national development and Reform Commission will plan to launch four major engineering packages in accordance with the requirements of the State Council, one of which is the "engineering package to enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry"

the industry generally believes that this is a strong implementation of "made in China 2025". The project package is bound to form a joint force in the manufacturing industry and provide long-term impetus for steady growth and structural adjustment

Zhang Haimin, Deputy Secretary General of the Asian Manufacturing Association, told the China Economic Herald that the "engineering package for enhancing the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry" will effectively promote the sustainable and healthy development of the manufacturing industry in the direction of industrialization and scale

the manufacturing industry needs to "repair both inside and outside"

the manufacturing industry needs to move in response to the situation

under the background of "interconnection +" and "industry 4.0", the state and local governments have strengthened the promotion of intelligent manufacturing in terms of policies and measures, major engineering projects, etc. - "interconnection + manufacturing" continues to optimize the R & D and design, production and manufacturing, and marketing service modes of the manufacturing industry, and cross-border e-commerce promotes the upgrading of the manufacturing value chain with industrial cloud Applications represented by industrial big data and public cloud service platforms have accelerated, o2o business model has become a highlight of applications, and financial crowdfunding has promoted in-depth innovation in the manufacturing industry

since the international financial crisis, both developed economies and more developed developing economies have formulated "Reindustrialization" strategies with revitalization of manufacturing as the core, and manufacturing has once again become the commanding height of global competition

the national development and Reform Commission acted in accordance with the times and released the three-year action plan for enhancing the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry (year) in February 2015

Zhang Haimin said that in June 2011, the United States launched the advanced manufacturing partnership program, and the German government put forward the "industry 4.0" high-tech strategic plan, advocating the fourth industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing. The "made in China 2025" formulated and released by China aims to strive to understand and grasp the new changes and trends in the development of global manufacturing industry, analyze the key characteristics of China's manufacturing industry, and emphasize the implementation of five major projects. The release of the "engineering package for enhancing the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry" is the "rooting" of made in China 2025, which will bring benefits to related industries

"the development of manufacturing industry also needs a process. It is hoped that the 'engineering package for enhancing the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry' can promote relevant enterprises to find a development direction and break through the bottleneck of development." Zhang Haimin said

internal and external training

made in China 2025 puts forward that by 2020, China will focus on forming about 15 manufacturing innovation centers, and strive to form about 40 manufacturing innovation centers by 2025

in this regard, Huang Hongdi, Secretary General of Zhejiang Industrial Park Association, told China Economic Herald, "As a province with large private capital in China's plastic machinery market, Zhejiang, which started with manufacturing, has been looking for its own position in the manufacturing industry. From the sudden emergence of township industry in the tide of reform to the emergence of 'made in Zhejiang' today, from the implementation of technological innovation and transformation, to the comprehensive promotion of 'machine replacement' with intelligent manufacturing as the core, from industrial innovation and strength, to the renovation of backward production capacity in the massive economy, Zhejiang Always pay attention to the same frequency resonance with the development of the national manufacturing industry. "

Huang Hongdi said that some private enterprises in Zhejiang are very interested in the projects involved in the "engineering package for enhancing the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry", but some said they would calmly observe and fully incubate

under the current international and domestic situation, the manufacturing industry needs "internal and external training". China Economic Herald learned in the interview that the national development and Reform Commission is working with relevant departments to promote the implementation of international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation, strengthen overall coordination and guidance, clarify the division of tasks, implement the work, pay close attention to the formulation and introduction of international production capacity cooperation plans and supporting policies and measures, actively build a platform for foreign cooperation between the government and enterprises, and strengthen service guarantee and risk prevention and control, Accelerate the promotion of international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation and achieve substantial results

Zhang Haimin said that the internal and external servo valve force to promote industrial transformation and development will be conducive to the overall improvement of industrial quality. Next, we should strive to form more Synergy - driven by policies, enterprises and institutions

don't follow the old path

recently, Mindy, the only big data platform for equipment manufacturing in China, moved its national operation headquarters to Xiacheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. This industrial interconnection platform, which provides design resources and application software for China's equipment manufacturing industry, has begun a new layout and development

Huang Hongdi pointed out that this is closely related to Hangzhou's listing the development of information economy as the "No. 1 project". Hangzhou regards Internet, cloud computing and big data as the most important industries in the development of local manufacturing industry. Traditional anti-corrosion coatings require zinc content. In March this year alone, more than 300 smart application projects were launched in Hangzhou

China Economic Herald found that other provinces are also taking positive actions: Shandong Province has issued the action plan for promoting industrial transformation and upgrading (year), Jiangsu Province has released the combined pedal durability test bench, which is mainly used to simulate the pedal stepping down and recycling action in the actual work of cars, and the Jiangsu action outline of made in China 2025 has been launched, and the preparation of "made in China 2025 Anhui chapter" has also been launched

for this upsurge, Zhang Haimin suggested that all regions should further carefully analyze the industrial characteristics, identify and make good use of market opportunities and the basis of transformation and upgrading

Huang Hongdi agrees with this. Hangzhou cannot develop intelligent manufacturing without its deep industrial foundation. As one of the local pillar industries, the equipment manufacturing industry is changing from "made in Hangzhou" which used to rely on cost advantages to "made in Hangzhou"

Zhang Haimin said that at present, some manufacturing enterprises do not have a thorough understanding of the industry. For example, the homogenization of robot manufacturing is serious, the ecological industrial chain of robot manufacturing is not mature, and the chain connection of development is not smooth. Therefore, it is more necessary for local governments to guide them according to local conditions

recently, the head of the Ministry of industry and information technology stressed that local governments are the key to the implementation of made in China 2025. Government support for some key areas or links is necessary for industrial development. We must prevent the government from leading to make decisions instead of the market, avoid blind investment and fall into a new round of "traditional development misunderstanding" of low-level repeated construction, regional industrial homogenization competition and overcapacity

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