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In 2010, a new round of rise in the price of raw and auxiliary materials for coatings began. Beijing, China news, at the beginning of 2010, with the improvement of the international financial environment, the global petrochemical industry began to warm up gradually. In 2010, as the recovery of the world economy increased the demand for oil, the international crude oil market came out of the downturn and resumed the market trend of slow recovery. Driven by the rising price of crude oil, the prices of many chemical products have also risen

nianhuadong epoxy resin market trend chart

in the chart, we can see that a single epoxy resin price is more suitable for direct contact with human skin. These two requirements are contradictory in 2010, and the annual increase is large

since April, the information of price increases of various chemical products has been constantly appearing in front of the author. Hansen, Arkema, Langsheng, kejuya, Eastman, Coster, KONOS, Nordson and other enterprises, for different types of products such as titanium dioxide, iron oxide pigments, solvents, epoxy resins and other enterprises, the current efficiency of zinc electrowinning process can be increased by 2% 6%, the cell voltage can be reduced by 0.050.15v, the current density can be increased to more than 1000a/m2, the grade rate of 0# zinc is high The purchasing cost of the products is lower than that of the traditional lead based alloy anode plate industry, and the price rise information is constantly appearing in the media

LANXESS, a German specialty chemicals company, recently announced that it would increase the price of iron oxide pigments by 100 euros/ton worldwide, which may be greater for some products or in some regions.

the validity period will be from May 1, 2010 or the contract terms allow, Dow Europe will increase the price of all its epoxy resins in Europe (including Turkey) by 300 euros/ton, and in the Middle East, Africa and the Indian subcontinent raised prices by $400/ton. This price increase is another increase in product prices in addition to the previously announced price increase

in cranberry, New Jersey, kronoswordworld, Inc. announced an increase in the price of titanium dioxide products in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Turkey. Effective from May 15, 2010, the price of all KONOS titanium dioxide products in Western Europe has increased by 100 euros per metric ton, and that in Eastern Europe and Turkey has increased by 150 euros per metric ton

Eastman Chemical Company will raise the prices of 2-ethylhexyl acetate, isopropyl acetate, n-butyl propionate and other products, effective from May 1, or in accordance with the contract. Mainly because of the rising operating costs, especially the rapid rise in the price of raw materials

cristalglobal announced today that it will raise the price of all anatase and rutile titania titanium dioxide and other Kostal titanium dioxide products sold worldwide from June 1, 2010, or as permitted by the contract

the reasons for all the above price increases are nothing more than several common reasons: first, the rising cost of raw materials, second, the rising cost of quality and environmental protection investment, and third, the rising cost of packaging and energy. In order to maintain the competitiveness and sustained growth momentum of the company, raising prices has become the road that many enterprises must choose

the advent of price hikes has brought huge cost pressure to coating manufacturers. How can coating enterprises, which are already in the recovery stage, absorb such a large amount of cost pressure? It is difficult to decide whether to transfer the pressure to the downstream of the industrial chain or to digest within the coating enterprise

the author suggests that domestic coating enterprises can first find the optimal combination of the market by adjusting the enterprise structure and product structure and optimizing the various structural modes of the enterprise; Thirdly, subdivide the product market of enterprises and choose coating products with great market potential as the breakthrough point of sales; 3、 Open up new marketing channels, stabilize and deepen channels; 4、 Efforts should be made to develop urban and rural markets and make preparations for building materials going to the countryside in advance

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