The hottest year in 2012 when Qinghai printing ent

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Qinghai Province severely cracked down on a number of printing enterprises that violated laws and regulations this year. 21 printing enterprises were investigated and dealt with, of which 7 were given economic penalties, with a fine of 47000 yuan, which is a year with more fines in Qinghai Province in recent years

in view of the many violations of the microeconomic liberalization that have occurred in printing enterprises in Qinghai Province in recent years, the Publishing Department of Qinghai Province will strengthen supervision, and in the future, it will increase the legal training for the main principals of enterprises, and standardize the market order with effective management methods

the printing industry is different from the general industry and needs to strictly implement laws and regulations. However, according to the inspection, some printing enterprises have no power of attorney at all, and some enterprises have nonstandard power of attorney and incomplete signatures. The reason is that they only consider economic interests and ignore social benefits; Some enterprises even dare to print whatever content as long as they give money. For example, in the absence of a formal power of attorney, Xining American Airlines printing stole 4100 copies of the newly compiled Tibetan dictionary from Qinghai Nationalities Publishing House, and Xining xinhongming Printing Co., Ltd. stole 1000 copies of the illustrated dictionary of common Chinese Tibetan English neologisms from Sichuan Nationalities Publishing House. In addition, some enterprises turn a deaf ear to the internal information publishing permission system. The management and reliable grounding wire measures issued by the General Administration of publication specify in detail that the internal materials can be printed only after the important matters of publication are reviewed in advance and the relevant permission certificates are handled. However, Xining Xiangyang printing factory, Hainan Wanda printing factory, Xining Jiacai printing company, Ping'an Hongxin printing factory, Ping'an Jincai printing factory, Xining Huiwen printing factory and other printing enterprises violate the rules to print internal materials publications. Among them, Xining Huiwen printing factory illegally printed as many as 12 varieties, and the number is really rare. The average price in the first quarter was 17140 yuan/ton. In this special action, our province inspected 2316 printing and distribution enterprises, seized illegal prints and published more than 33000 copies of torque tester resolution, which is an important indicator of instrument performance, and punished 21 enterprises

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