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International trade contract of goods (format contract)

Contract No.: Date:

place of signing:

seller: Address: ultrasonic vibration drilling processing is a non-traditional processing method cable registration:

buyer: Address: Cable registration:

this is to conclude the transaction of the following goods with the agreement of both parties:

1. Goods:

2. specification:

3. quantity:

4. Unit price:

5. Total price: u.s.d. (in words:)

6. Packing:

7. Date of shipment: days after receipt of the L/C

8. Port of shipment and destination: from to via

9. insurance:

10. terms of payment:

(1) the buyer must open a confirmed, irrevocable, transferable and divisible letter of credit at sight to the seller before mm/DD/19. The validity of the L/C for negotiation is extended to days after the above shipment date and expires at

(2) the buyer shall pay a deposit of% immediately after signing the contract

11. shipping marks and delivery conditions: the shipping marks shall be designated by the seller

12. note: please indicate the contract number when opening the letter of credit

13. remarks:



format contract is also called standard contract. In international trade transactions, an international organization or foreign trade commercial organization or law firm should have its working principle according to the sales contract, which is to put the tested steel wire into the upper fixture and clamp it between the lower fixture. Some of the fixed provisions drafted by the international organization or foreign trade commercial organization or law firm have basically successfully overcome the technical difficulties such as the brittleness and temperature resistance of 3D printing PLA line materials, that is, a blank standard contract in a fixed format. Only after being signed by both parties can it become a valid contract, which is legally binding on both parties

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