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In 2018, we look forward to the bright prospect of "sharing agricultural machinery"

in fact, agricultural machinery has a natural sharing attribute. The fruitful cross regional operation of agricultural machinery over the years and the rise of field stewards in recent years are its development direction and various agricultural machinery service organizations, which is actually a kind of sharing. According to statistics, the annual scale of China's agricultural machinery operation service market reaches 400billion yuan, mainly including the three key operation links of farming, planting and harvesting of three major grain crops and the trans regional operation market, especially the trans regional operation service market, with an annual operation scale of more than 100billion yuan. In recent years, agricultural machinery operations have begun to shift from long-distance to short-distance, and from harvest operations to one-stop operation services of tillage, sowing, plant protection, harvesting, drying and transportation. The operation projects have expanded in scope and depth, and the operation scale will increase in geometric multiples. The potential demand for agricultural machinery is the basis for the development of "shared agricultural machinery". It is estimated that the scale of China's agricultural machinery service market will reach 650billion yuan in 2018 and more than 1 trillion yuan by 2020, of which the potential commercial profit space is self-evident

the characteristics of agricultural machinery will also promote the further development of "shared agricultural machinery". Most modern agricultural machinery are expensive, difficult to operate, high maintenance costs, and their utilization rate is very limited. The use of agricultural machinery is often concentrated in several key time periods every year, and most of the rest is idle. In addition to the maintenance of labor and money, it also needs to build a certain area of warehouse for storage. Therefore, most small farmers are unable to buy, even if they can afford it, it is not worth it because of the low utilization rate. Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, family farms, large farmers and other new agricultural business entities are the main buyers and users of all kinds of large agricultural machinery. Although there is a large demand for large-scale planting, they also do not have the ability or need to invest a lot of money to purchase fully equipped agricultural machinery. At the peak of a certain operation link, there will also be a huge demand gap for a specific agricultural machinery

how to reduce the use cost of agricultural machinery and improve its utilization efficiency? This has always been a difficult problem faced by the agricultural machinery industry. The emergence of "shared agricultural machinery" means that professional machinery is combined with high-precision sensors to purchase agricultural machinery, and social services are provided to farmers by means of sharing and leasing, which not only helps farmers save money, but also helps farmers save energy. More importantly, the efficiency of agricultural production has been improved a lot, and the use cost of agricultural machinery has also been reduced

unlike bicycles, umbrellas and other shared products in the field of public life that appeared on the market previously, agricultural machinery has distinct individual characteristics: unlike bicycles, agricultural machinery can be operated by everyone who can ride a bicycle, and agricultural machinery operators obviously need to have certain professional and technical capabilities. In addition, most of the young people in the countryside now go out to work, and most of the people who stay to farm are the elderly. They don't know much about the concept of sharing, and they don't dare to operate new agricultural machinery. They accept the "sharing agricultural machinery" measurement mode with a square level, which requires a long habit cultivation process. For each 10% weight reduction in the overall structure of the car; Agricultural basic conditions, climatic seasons, types of crops, planting patterns, farming habits and so on are different in different regions. These factors affect the use demand, frequency and mode of agricultural machinery at any time. Therefore, if "shared agricultural machinery" wants to gain a foothold, it must first form special considerations different from other shared industries in these aspects

sharing technology can quickly match resources. Nowadays, the "shared agricultural machinery" with obvious interconnection marks has entered the farmland. Although it still has such problems and faces a series of challenges, it has taken the first step after all, which is an important model breakthrough in the agricultural machinery industry. It is believed that "sharing agricultural machinery" can open up more space for the further development of the agricultural machinery industry, and will also bring some changes to the agricultural machinery service industry. Therefore, we look forward to the bright prospect of "sharing agricultural machinery"

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