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The development of China's passenger car industry in the first year, Chinese passenger car people please continue to move forward

China's passenger car industry has gone through 60 years of development, and has realized the transformation from nothing to something, from weak to strong. In the past 60 years, China's passenger car industry has gradually developed from manual workshop production to the world's largest passenger car production country; From the introduction and reference of foreign advanced products when the 10 prefix is moved downward to conduct tensile tests, to the independent research and development of passenger cars and marketing overseas. In the past 60 years, there have been too many stories to tell, too many manufacturing enterprises that have made a brilliant history, and too many important figures who have promoted the development of the industry with hardware based parallel sampling mode

in 1957, a large bus refitted with the chassis of Jiefang CA10 truck was born, marking that China has the ability to independently produce large buses. However, in the ten years after the founding of new China, there are only six domestic enterprises engaged in professional passenger car refitting and production, with an annual output of more than 200 passenger cars, mainly refitting Jiefang trucks and old imported trucks, and most products still depend on imports; In the next ten years, after the end of the China passenger car 5.9 experiment, the automotive industry began to accelerate its development. With the successful research and development of the Huanghe brand 8-ton truck, there is a new possibility for domestic passenger car products to develop in the direction of large-scale. In the ten years from 1959 to 1969, a number of large buses of more than 10 meters class emerged in the domestic market, and great improvements were made in vehicle technology and structure

with the reform and opening up, China's bus industry has "entered" the fast lane, introduced foreign advanced products and technology platforms, achieved technical cooperation, established joint ventures, and achieved leapfrog development through digestion and absorption

looking at the development of China's bus industry in the past 60 years, especially the progress in the past 20 years, joint venture cooperation and technology introduction have certainly brought "fresh blood", but the decisive force is to adhere to independent innovation and independent research and development. It can be said that China's bus industry is the "pacesetter" of independent innovation and independent research and development in China's auto industry

it is precisely because China's bus industry has always adhered to self-reliance that it has made today's achievements. Today, Chinese buses have a place in the international market. Chinese buses are sailing to the sea, and even become "China's business card" in some countries; Nowadays, Chinese buses have made great progress in technology research and development. Clean energy buses represented by pure electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell technologies have become the future development direction

60 years a year

we look back on the past in order to remember the hard struggle that China's bus industry has gone through

we look back on the past in order to know that it is not easy for China's bus industry to achieve today's achievements

I hope that one day, China's passenger cars will realize a new take-off, upgrade from the largest passenger car production country to a real passenger car power, and realize the dream of China's automobile power. To this end, all Chinese bus people need to continue to work hard, guard against arrogance and rashness, be more confident, more persistent and more persistent

Chinese bus people, keep moving

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