The hottest year in 2005, China's automotive paint

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In 2005, China's auto paint market began to dig gold

in 2005, China's auto paint market began to dig gold

April 21, 2005

according to the "Tenth Five Year Plan", they stole more than 20 cases in 2005, and the annual output of China's cars will reach about 3.2 million. The automotive industry is an industry with high industrial relevance, and its development will bring business opportunities to the automotive coating industry. According to industry experts, the demand for various types of automotive coatings will exceed 200000 tons in 2004. If you have any problems in operation, the demand for automotive coatings will reach 240000 tons by 2005. However, the gap between domestic automotive coatings is very far, resulting in a "virgin market", and foreign coating manufacturers flocked to invest and build factories in 2004 to acquire shares, which is ready to go. Gold mining began in 2005

Sunway Automotive Coatings Co., Ltd. officially entered the Chinese market in April 2004. This company and Shanghai jinlitai Chemical Co., Ltd. jointly established Shanghai Xuanwei jinlitai coating Co., Ltd. Kansai coating company of Japan increased its investment by about 1.5 billion yen and plans to achieve an annual production capacity of about 42000 tons in 2005. DuPont company of the United States has increased its share in Herberts Aksu red lion Automotive Coatings (Beijing) Company from 51% to 60% by acquiring AkzoNobel shares, and the enterprise is also renamed as DuPont Red Lion Coatings (Beijing) company. In addition, DuPont has planned to invest US $15million to expand and modernize the coating production plant located in Changchun No.1 Automobile factory

the "coat" market of 3.2 million cars is also too huge. Who will come if there is no "fire"? Also, the Chinese dream of making the advantages and value of aluminum alloy cables disappear has existed since the Cixi era

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