The hottest year in 2003, the beverage industry co

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In 2003, the beverage industry competed for excellence

facing the upcoming peak season of beverage sales in 2003, major domestic beverage manufacturers hope to gain something in this summer. To this end, the beverage giants used their own tricks to start a fierce market offensive on the performance of table 8 high gloss black effect materials. Some spent a lot of money to invite brand spokesmen, some launched new brands, and some developed new markets. The transformation of the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system has become an important issue to be solved urgently. The beverage market is full of good plays

robust: a new generation of beverages challenges the market

at the dealer promotion conference held by robust group in Beijing recently, "pulse" made its debut with amazing momentum. "Pulse" is the highlight of the cooperation between Danone Group and robust group. The product is inspired by Mizone, a popular drink of Danone in New Zealand and Australia. The people of New Zealand and Australia advocate nature and love outdoor activities. There is a healthy and vibrant atmosphere everywhere in the city. Mizone swept the market less than a year after it was listed and is deeply loved by young people. Therefore, Danone Group especially cooperates with robust group to introduce this successful product concept into China, and through further product research and development and improvement, make it more suitable for the needs of the domestic market

known as the "pulse" of the new school of drinks, it is characterized by the fact that it can replenish water and essential vitamins for the human body at any time, so as to maintain the vitality of the body. It has a unique flavor and a faint fruit flavor. The difference from traditional packaged water, fruit juice, tea and other beverages is that "pulse" has the characteristics of quenching thirst, drinking well, providing nutrients and vitality for the body. According to people who have tried "pulse", it is refreshing, thirst quenching and refreshing. The "pulse" consumer group is targeted at urban young people aged 18 to 35. In order to cater to such consumers, they have young, confident, like challenges and other preferences. Robust endows "pulse" with the brand connotation of "let yourself be full of vitality, calmly and confidently enjoy life, meet challenges, and show your best side"

according to a person in charge of robust, robust will strive to build the "pulse" brand in 2003. In order to successfully launch "pulse", Danone robust has been preparing for nearly a year. They plan to invest a high amount of money in market promotion, and through the all-round dissemination of this innovative beverage concept, it will become the forefront of China's beverage market

while building a new brand, robust continues to strengthen its famous brand "Health Express", and recently launched "Health Express - Fuwei milk yogurt drink". "Health Express" is a traditional key brand of robust. Its functional benefits of "containing bifidus factors, improving intestinal function, regulating intestinal flora, and promoting digestion and absorption" are significantly different from competitive brands, and have been widely accepted by consumers. For a long time, the "Health Express" brand has been constantly exploring the needs of consumers, developing and researching new products, and is committed to establishing and improving the "Health Express" brand as the leader in the field of "promoting digestion and absorption" in the children's lactic acid milk market. It is reported that the newly launched "Health Express - Fuwei milk yogurt drink" has added super bifidus factors, five vitamins, vegetable fiber and calcium

Jianlibao: the profit of "the fifth quarter" pushed the "pop fruit steam"

after the "the fifth quarter" which earned enough attention last year, the hot drink season of this year has not yet started, and Jianlibao has begun the market competition. During the national sugar and Wine Fair held in Chengdu, Zhang Hai, President of Jianlibao, unveiled his new brand "baoguoqi", which he secretly built at a large amount of money

compared with previous fruit juice drinks, the biggest feature of "pop fruit steam" is that it is a kind of steamed fruit juice. The content of fresh fruit juice reaches 8% ~ 12%, which is healthier than soda. Due to the addition of steam, the taste is fresh and stimulating. This product has aroused great interest from sugar and wine dealers all over the country. Zhang Hai, President of Jianlibao group, said that as the "vanguard" brand of Jianlibao group, "baoguoqi" will form a health industry aircraft carrier with "Jianlibao" and "Season 5" brands, leading the trend of the domestic beverage market

Zhao Yali, Secretary General of the China Beverage Association, believes that the consumption trend of the beverage market is towards healthy beverages, and fruit juice drinks are increasingly favored by consumers. Chinese fruit juice drinks have mainly experienced two development stages. The first generation is the concentrated fruit juice that consumers first came into contact with, while fruit drinks and pure fruit juice appeared almost at the same time, which is called the second generation of fruit juice drinks. The appearance of aerated fruit juice drinks has brought the development of fruit juice drinks to the third generation, and similar foreign products have achieved considerable success in the market. The launch of "pop fruit steam" has filled the gap in China's beverage market and promoted the reform and renewal of the concept of fruit juice

last year, after the problems of property rights, capital and marketing network construction were solved one by one, Jianlibao began to recover gradually. Jianlibao has set a sales growth target of 50% this year

"two pleasures" non carbonated beverage war is imminent

as we all know, Coca Cola has always occupied the leading position in carbonated beverages. However, Pepsi and Coca Cola compete in non carbonated beverages. It is understood that at present, the development speed of non carbonated beverages is three times that of carbonated beverages. Coca Cola and Pepsi are fully developing their non carbonated beverages

according to Pepsi China, Gatorade was originally the brand of Quaker. In August, 2001, PepsiCo officially announced that it had successfully acquired Quaker with a US $13.4 billion share exchange, winning the Gatorade brand, which caused a huge sensation on Wall Street. After acquiring Quaker, Pepsi became the leader of the non carbonated beverage industry in the United States overnight, accounting for two and a half of the market in this field, which is 1.5 times that of Coca Cola

Gatorade has entered China since 1995, but it only has a certain market share in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places. However, due to the sluggish development of Quaker company, it has not been well developed. According to relevant data, Gatorade ranked first in the brand recognition of fruit flavored drinks in Shanghai last year, and its market penetration reached 28.5% and 21.7% in Shanghai and Guangzhou respectively, but it has not been listed in the Beijing market. However, PepsiCo said that at present, PepsiCo is adjusting Quaker to straighten out its internal sales and production channels

according to a relevant person from the Foreign Affairs Department of Coca Cola China Beverage Co., Ltd., Coca Cola's goal in 2003 is to fully promote the iced tea in cooperation with Nestle. In addition, queer fruit juice children's beverage, which was popular in the mainland last year, is also a drink that is strongly promoted. The name of Coca Cola Xihe association has not changed since its establishment in 1967. It hopes to become an all-round beverage company, not just a provider of carbonated drinks. In the performance of the fourth quarter of 2002 when the price of metal was higher than its marginal cost, non carbonated beverages have become a major profit point of Coca Cola company, and its contribution rate to the operating revenue of the whole Coca Cola company in mainland China has increased by about 10%. This rising rate has far exceeded the predicted increasing rate of carbonated beverages in the next few years

new faces continue to appear and change the market pattern

in the domestic beverage market, otili beverage, which blew a yellow whirlwind, signed a contract with the Chinese national diving team Tian Liang and Guo Jingjing, who participated in a series of promotional activities of otili in 2003 as the image spokesmen of otili beverage. In this series of publicity activities, the total investment of Audrey will exceed ten million yuan. In order to cooperate with this activity, OTI will also invest more money and energy in product development, production and sales, and vigorously explore the market

Tsingtao beer and Asahi Beer Co., Ltd. of Japan jointly invested and established Tsingtao Asahi Beverage Co., Ltd. at the end of 2001, marking the prelude of Tsingtao Beer's entry into tea drinks. Recently, according to insiders of Tsingtao Beer Asahi beverage company, the sales of young beer and tea drinks in China in 2002 reached more than 40 million yuan. Summing up the development of young beer and tea drinks in 2002, the person in charge expressed the aspiration of Tsingtao beer to enter the beverage industry in a simple and concise sentence: "we not only see the market opportunities, but also feel the pressure from inside and outside". The person in charge also revealed that in 2003, Tsingtao beer beverage will increase the investment of major media in advertising, and fruit juice beverage orange garden will be launched as a key product; In terms of sales, the sales network of beverages will be re established and the market support of terminals will be strengthened

heisong company, Taiwan's oldest and largest professional beverage manufacturer, set up its first factory in mainland China, and broke ground in Wuzhong District of Suzhou in late February. According to the introduction, this enterprise with a total investment of nearly 30million US dollars has a plant area of 120 mu, and the first phase plant is 16000 square meters. Industry insiders believe that the entry of heisong means that China's domestic beverage market will usher in another powerful member. The company's experience in successfully competing with liangle in Taiwan will certainly bring new impact and vitality to China's domestic beverage market. Heisong has a history of nearly 80 years in Taiwan. Since the 1960s, heisong has successfully blocked the impact of liangle on the Taiwan market. Today, heisong has become the only local brand in the world that can resist the annexation of the two pleasures

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