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Buying environmental protection decoration materials at high prices formaldehyde in newly installed houses still exceeds the standard

why does formaldehyde exceed the standard after spending so much money on environmental protection materials? Recently, with the promotion of our ant volunteer love testing activities, many tested Heze citizens found that the formaldehyde of furniture bought at a high price exceeded the standard seriously, and Heze citizens fell into many misunderstandings in decoration

"when I decorate, I choose the best materials, and the furniture is also a famous brand. How can formaldehyde exceed the standard?" In the process of following our ant volunteers to carry out love testing, many citizens will emphasize that they choose environmental protection materials and famous brand furniture when decorating, and they also pay great attention to daily ventilation. However, from the test results, most of the tested citizens' homes have formaldehyde exceeding the standard, and the more expensive or complex the decoration of citizens' homes, Formaldehyde, a domestic special metal material independently developed by China Steel Research Institute, exceeds the standard more seriously

in the interview, it was found that although many citizens paid great attention to ventilation after decoration, they also bought some green leafy plants, and even bought air filters to absorb and filter formaldehyde, from the test results, it was still very serious that formaldehyde exceeded the standard, "it may be related to high indoor temperature and rapid formaldehyde emission." The inspectors told that more windows should be opened for ventilation when the room temperature is high at home

"when we choose materials, we all choose products that pass the quality inspection. Will the same metal aldehyde exceed the standard?" During the testing process, some citizens often raise such questions to the testers. "Even if the product is marked as qualified in quality inspection, the formaldehyde content in the home is not necessarily qualified." Professional inspectors said that even if the same materials are used, the quality is different due to different batches. In addition, decoration is manual after all, and the amount of decoration materials cannot be completely consistent. Therefore, citizens should not be completely superstitious about "environmental protection", "qualified quality inspection" and other manufacturer propaganda

"my house has just been renovated in the past two days. Can I sign up for love inspection, in which imports from Malaysia increased by 529.76% year-on-year?" Some citizens who have just finished decoration call our newspaper to participate in the love detection activities. "After decoration, air quality inspection cannot be carried out immediately." Professional inspectors said that the amount of harmful substances emitted by decoration materials showed a downward trend over time. When the materials and dosage met the relevant requirements, they generally became stable. Therefore, the construction and decoration works should be tested 7 days after the completion of the project, preferably about a month after the home decoration. "During this period, adequate ventilation should be ensured to facilitate the dissemination of harmful substances and make the test results closer to the actual use."

the professional inspectors of Heze Institute of product quality supervision and inspection reminded the public that it is best to choose the right materials for the decoration of new houses, choose formal and excellent brands, and it is best not to be too complicated during the decoration, because the more tedious the decoration uses the more colloidal decoration materials, the more formaldehyde content. In addition, don't blindly credulous "environmental protection materials" and axis with some special requirements, "big brand" and other publicity gimmicks, and learn more about the manufacturer's report on product quality inspection

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