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In 2012, China's general components industry made steady progress

2012 was a volatile and complex year. The financial crisis and the European debt crisis continued to ferment, and the global economic growth momentum was insufficient. Affected by this, the constraints on domestic development are increasing, the demand is insufficient, and the growth rate slows down. Slow development and low-speed growth

2012 is a volatile and complex year. The financial crisis and the European debt crisis continue to ferment, and the global economic growth momentum is insufficient. Affected by this, the constraints on domestic development are increasing, the demand is insufficient, and the growth rate slows down

last year, the total output value of general components industry was 323.2 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 6.4%, which was the lowest value-added rate in recent years. The year-on-year growth rates in the four quarters of the year were 8.6%, 4.2%, 6.8% and 6.4% respectively, which shows that the development of the industry is in a slow growth trend with a narrow range of shocks

it is reported that according to the statistics of the customs, the total import and export volume of the general parts industry last year was US $28.196 billion, an increase of 2.75% year-on-year; Among them, the import volume was US $16.63 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 1.7%; The total export volume was US $11.533 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 9.94%

from the annual development trend of each sub industry, the gear industry developed relatively well last year, with a year-on-year increase of 9.5%, and its export performance was also very strong, reaching US $4.543 billion, with an increase of 18.3%, which was the highlight of the development of general mechanical parts last year

the development of the three sub industries of chain, spring and transmission link parts has maintained a slow growth rate, basically maintaining a growth rate of 8%

due to the lack of market demand, the fastener and powder metallurgy industries did not increase but decreased last year, especially the fastener exports fell due to the impact of international anti-dumping, with a year-on-year decrease of 2.2%

implement the three basics and make progress while maintaining stability

the development situation of the industry is still grim and complex. Actively promoting the national three basics plan (referring to basic mechanical parts, basic manufacturing processes and basic materials) is the direction of the development of industry transformation and upgrading

the spare parts association has also studied and drafted the "three basic special management measures draft" and formulated a detailed implementation plan, which has been affirmed by the Ministry of industry and information technology

in promoting the three base plan and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the industry, first, support a number of key industry development projects, take the best of the best, and constantly find new potential projects; Second, develop a number of iconic key infrastructure products; Third, build a number of well-known enterprises and product brands in the industry; Fourth, identify a number of specialized and special enterprises, and guide small and medium-sized enterprises to embark on the road of specialization, boutique and characterization; Fifth, cultivate a number of leading enterprises with core competitiveness; Sixth, build and identify a number of industrial clusters; Seventh, improve a number of public service platforms

enterprises strive to actively respond to

at present, on the one hand, enterprises have effectively promoted their development in the adverse trend through differentiated competition strategies, market segmentation, defining objectives, and actively developing sales channels. For example, many enterprises seek common development with OEMs by strengthening cooperation with OEMs; Or rely on their own advantages to further open the international market and let their products break into new markets

for example, Hangzhou Qianjin gear box Group Co., Ltd. adjusted a single marine gear box product to a packaged product according to market demand on the basis of improving the technical connotation of the product, followed a new idea of assembling complete sets of supplies, and opened up new markets such as South Korea, Iran, Myanmar, etc. on the basis of consolidating developed markets such as Europe and the United States

on the other hand, under the bad situation, enterprises have worked hard to practice their internal skills, accumulate strength, carry out work such as reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and have done a lot of work in promoting the redevelopment of enterprises and straightening out relations. For example, some enterprises have invited experts at home and abroad to give lectures on industrial transformation and upgrading planning to the company's management, or directly hired them as the company's business guidance to advise on the development strategy of the enterprise

for example, in recent years, Shanghai China Spring Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has adhered to the innovative management concept of "everyone becomes an operator" under the mode of lean production, lean management and lean operation to help the development of the enterprise. Another example is that Jiepai holding group hired American experts as the president of Jiepai Transmission Research Institute, emphasizing that technology is the construction of life innovation system, the cultivation of innovation teams, and the transformation of innovation achievements, so as to promote enterprises to provide users with overall solutions on the basis of expertise. "If you want a textile

innovation is the source of power for enterprises to adhere to the development, the core technology of enterprises and even the foothold of survival and development must be firmly placed on the basis of scientific and technological innovation. For example, SAIC gearbox company insists on innovation and transformation, breaks through the key technology of domestic automatic transmission, realizes mass supply, and realizes the integration with international advanced development technology.

equipment system that breaks through the constraints of basic parts The bottleneck of manufacturing development is an important sign of the development of the parts industry from big to strong, and it is also an important goal of the industry's 12th Five year development. Last year, a batch of transformation and upgrading products supporting national major equipment and key projects emerged in six sub industries. After adopting light dispersive PC material to make bulb lampshade,

in the face of the changing economic situation, enterprises should strengthen confidence, adhere to development, calmly respond and forge ahead against the trend. Formulate specific measures to deal with the protective board of the packaging frame in line with their own conditions, and try to reduce the impact on enterprises due to market weakness and fluctuations. At the same time, the association will also coordinate all parties to support the enterprise and tide over the difficulties together

this year is a key year for upgrading and transformation, and a year with complex and severe market conditions. The external demand of the whole industry has shrunk, and the situation of blocked exports is difficult to be fundamentally reversed in the short term. The domestic market demand has not changed significantly, and the entire equipment manufacturing industry has not yet got rid of the downward pressure

various signs of the development of the general parts industry from last year show that it is impossible to continue the extraordinary development trend of previous years, and the unsustainable development model of overcapacity at the middle and low end and dependence on imports at the high end is unsustainable. For a long period of time in the future, the selection of instrument range in the industry development mirror should first protect the instrument from decreasing its reliability or causing damage in the test process; The second is to meet the range of low-speed growth of measurement error. However, with the acceleration of national industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, it is bound to stimulate strong domestic demand and continue a long-term process. The development of modern equipment manufacturing industry and strategic emerging industries will promote the development of its supporting basic parts industry

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