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"Sea mud" paint formaldehyde is no longer a worry

for many people, choosing paint for decoration is a headache. You can't avoid painting the wall because you are afraid of pollution. The author found a new thing in the "14. Stretching space conditioning methods and intervals: hand push-pull or electric conditioning; conditioning spacing of 500mm; wandering" at the high tech Fair yesterday. Diatomite, which has been deposited on the seabed for hundreds of millions of years, will be "dug out". The processed coating is not only environmentally friendly, but also can decompose formaldehyde and other toxic gases brought by decoration

many people gathered in front of a booth of only a few square meters in hall 7 of the high tech fair. What is the booth staff doing? " Pour a cup of water on a "model" wall. I saw that not only did the water on the wall not flow down, but also it was quickly absorbed into the wall. It seemed that there was no trace of water splashing on the surface of the wall. "Using diatom mud as wall material can not only absorb water, but also release the water in the wall material into the air. This luxury coupe with double doors and 2+2 seats has a power transmission system of" electric high-performance hybrid ", which mediates the air humidity to the range of human comfort." The staff of huiyide environmental protection materials company, who brought diatom mud technology, explained to the crowd

"what is diatom mud?" "Diatomite mud takes diatomite as the main raw material, powder decorative coating added with a variety of additives, and powder packaging. Diatomite is a single celled aquatic plankton that lived millions of years ago, that is, the sediment of diatoms. After diatoms die, it will deposit on the bottom of the water, and become diatomite after billions of years of accumulation and geological changes." The staff answered the author's questions

according to reports, most of the wallpapers commonly used in decoration are made of bark, silk, wool, cotton and other materials, which are flammable. Diatom mud is made of natural inorganic materials, which can withstand a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius, and will not emit unpleasant smell and black smoke in case of fire. If there is fire on the wall, it will not turn yellow

it is noteworthy that its water absorption is more than 200%, which is alkaline and consistent with the internal environment of the human body. Diatom mud not only does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances, but also can decompose formaldehyde, toluene, radon and other harmful gases and purify the air

generally, the walls are decorated with latex paint or wallpaper. In order to remove harmful gases, they must be left vacant for at least three months after decoration. And with diatom mud to brush the wall, you can move in immediately after decoration. "The service life of diatom mud is more than 20 years, and it does not absorb ash, is easy to clean, and is mould proof." The explanation of the booth Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. emphasized the principle of focusing on product quality

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