The hottest year in 2004 will be the economic reco

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2004 will be the year of economic recovery of the coating industry

2004 will be the year of economic recovery of the coating industry

February 18, 2004

as major coating manufacturers have announced the financial statements of the fourth quarter of 2003, signs of economic recovery gradually appear

. Xuanwei, Aksu and Rohm Haas all reported sales and profit growth, and the coating business was strong

ici reported a net loss in the fourth quarter and weak annual earnings, but both sales and earnings of the coating business increased. Du

and PPG have previously announced quarterly and annual financial statements

in their comments on the financial report, the leaders of top companies believed that the driving force of paint sales and profit growth came from the global economic growth and the cost cutting and other restructuring actions of the whole industry in the past years. For American companies, the weak

dollar is also a popular factor

Mr. Christopher M. Connor, chairman and CEO of Xuanwei company, (chris2. Topher M. Connor in the high temperature experiment), said that the strong growth in sales and revenue of the company came from the continuous growth in sales of architectural coatings and the "signs of initial recovery in the industrial maintenance

and product coating Market" in the second half of last year

AkzoNobel called the situation of the European decorative coating market "difficult", especially in the consumer category, but the sales of decorative coatings in the "emerging markets" continued to grow. Hanswijer, chairman of the management board, said that the company's industrial coating department was "pretty good", including wood, coil coating and powder coating. The automobile repair industry is still "very competitive" due to the rotary valve characteristics of 2D exciting valve

despite the tepid sales of the company as a whole, ICI believes that the sales and operating revenue of the coating business improved slightly in the fourth quarter, but the annual coating sales still fell slightly. The company's sales in Latin America and Asia are particularly strong. In

Latin America, sales of architectural coatings soared by 36% in the fourth quarter as the economy turned from decline to recovery

although the earnings report was particularly depressed, ICI shares rose again stimulated by the positive news of a reduction of £ 341million in debt (to £ 1.326 billion

). Sources in Europe say the company is still considering appropriate property sales

however, the ICI report seems unlikely to sell its quest food additives and Uniqema business at the same time, although the financial situation of these departments looks bad

in the fourth quarter and the whole year, Rohm and Haas was still wobbling around the net loss in 2002, but its coating business

benefited greatly from the recovery of the electronic and architectural coating market. The company said, "the sales of powder coatings in the fourth quarter reflect the particularly strong growth in Europe and prove that the industrial market in North America is recovering"

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