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2018 will still be the year of global chemical enterprises' Mergers and acquisitions

approaching the end of the year, global chemical enterprises will make a new summary based on the course of 2017. This year's 2017 is not quiet, because global mergers and acquisitions have been going on. For example, the merger of Dow Chemical and DuPont has become the largest chemical enterprise mergers and acquisitions this year, while the completion of the acquisition of Swiss agrochemical giant Syngenta by China National Chemical Corporation is also the largest overseas mergers and acquisitions of Chinese enterprises. Of course, there are no successful examples. Next, we will list the acquisition and merger cases in 2017 one by one. Towards the end of the year, global chemical enterprises will make a new summary of the course of 2017. This year's 2017 is not quiet, because global mergers and acquisitions have been going on, such as the merger of Dow Chemical and DuPont. Jinan Xinshi has become the largest chemical enterprise merger and acquisition case this year through the hole period gold testing instrument Co., Ltd. on the steel wire for many years, and China National Chemical Corporation completed the acquisition of Swiss agrochemical giant Syngenta, which is also the largest overseas merger and acquisition of Chinese enterprises. Of course, there are no successful examples. Next, we will list the acquisition and merger cases in 2017 one by one

successful acquisition case

Dow Chemical and DuPont completed the merger

in December 2015, DuPont, the two largest chemical companies in the United States, reached an equal merger agreement with dowchemical, which will become the world's largest chemical company with a market value of US $130billion. This is by far the largest M & a transaction in the global chemical industry. The existing shareholders of the two companies will each own about half of the shares of the merged company

at the end of August 2017, Dow Chemical and DuPont finally completed the merger transaction to form a new global company called dowdupont. After the merger, the annual sales of the company reached $77 billion, and the stock market value exceeded $150billion. We can reach 100000 employees in the category of beverage standard packaging. However, this marriage is short-lived, because according to the original plan, the company will be split into three industry-leading and independent listed companies in 18 months, respectively engaged in agriculture, special products and chemical materials

it is understood that the board of directors of Dow DuPont consists of 16 members, 8 directors from the original DuPont board and 8 directors from the original Dow board. Among them, the board of directors has two chief directors: jeffreyfettig, who was previously the chief independent director of Dow's board of directors; Alexandercutler was previously the chief independent director of DuPont's board of directors

CHEMCHINA completed the acquisition of Syngenta

in February 2016, CHEMCHINA announced that it had agreed to acquire Syngenta, a Swiss agrochemical and seed company, through a public offer. The offer price is $465 in cash per share. The total value of Syngenta's issued share capital is $43billion. CHEMCHINA said it would fully support the integrity of Syngenta's operations, management and employees, including keeping its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, and planning to relist the company in the next few years

in June 2017, China National Chemical Corporation announced the completion of the acquisition of Syngenta, which is still headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. Ren Jianxin, chairman of China National Chemical Corporation, was elected chairman of Syngenta's board of directors, and erikfyrwald, CEO of Syngenta, will remain in office. Syngenta will also list some of its shares within five years. The completion of the transaction marks that the amount of China's overseas mergers and acquisitions has reached a new high

Xuan Wei completed the acquisition of Valspar

in March 2016, American coating giant Sherwin Williams agreed to use about US $11.3 billion in cash to acquire peer Valspar. In 2015, the combined revenue of the two companies was $15.6 billion. If the merger is completed, it will surpass PPG Industrial Company and become the world's largest paint manufacturer, with a revenue of US $15.3 billion in 2015

in June 2017, Xuanwei announced that the company had completed the acquisition of Valspar. After the merger, the company is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, with an estimated revenue of $15.8 billion in 2016 and about 60000 employees worldwide. In the field of industrial coatings, the merged company is a global leader in the fields of packaging coatings, coil coatings, general industrial coatings and industrial wood coatings

Linde and Praxair officially signed a merger agreement

on December 20, 2016, industrial gas group Linde of Germany and Praxair of the United States announced that the two companies had officially signed an all share merger agreement with equal shareholding. The merged company will become the leader in the global industrial gas industry, with consolidated revenue of about $29billion and stock market capitalization of more than $70billion based on 2016 results. The new holding company will be named Linde and registered in Ireland. Most corporate governance activities, including board meetings, will be carried out in the UK. At present, the shareholders of Linde and Praxair will each own about 50% of the equity of the merged company. The merger had been reached in December 2016, but it was at an impasse since then, because Linde's labor representatives strongly opposed the merger, believing that moving its headquarters outside Germany would weaken its influence

the merged company will also have two stocks listed, one in New York and the other in Frankfurt. Steveangel, CEO of Praxair, will be the CEO of the new company after the merger. Wolfgangreitzle, CEO of Linde, Germany, will remain chairman at that time

Tianhua academy acquired Klaus mafi by 6billion

Tianhua Academy announced that the company plans to acquire the assets of the actual controller CHEMCHINA for 6.641 billion yuan. Among these assets, the most eye-catching is the acquisition of equipment global, the holding company of German enterprise Klaus mafi (hereinafter referred to as km). It is reported that the consideration of this transaction reached 5.967 billion yuan, accounting for 89.85% of the total consideration of the acquisition. Behind this transaction, hande capital, as the world's first promotion fund for German industry 4.0 and made in China 2025, participated in and managed this historic transaction together with Sinochem and unison

costal's acquisition of tenor will create the largest titanium dioxide company.

American tronox announced on February 21 that it would acquire the titanium dioxide business of Saudi Cristal with us $1.673 billion in cash and 24% of the company's class a common stock. The company also announced that it was interested in selling its alkali chemical business unit, alkali

the merger of titanium dioxide business between tronox and Cristal will create a new leading enterprise in the titanium dioxide industry with the largest and most integrated degree in the world. The merged company will operate a total of 11 titanium dioxide plants in 8 countries around the world, with a total capacity of 1.3 million tons/year, surpassing the previous leader of titanium dioxide industry, chemours (formerly DuPont titanium dioxide technology)

at this stage, tenor is discussing a series of agreements with the European Commission on the acquisition of titanium dioxide. And Saudi Arabia needs to negotiate. The Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint asking tenor to stop buying costar

LANXESS of Germany wants to acquire AkzoNobel's special chemicals business

LANXESS of Germany has joined hands with Apollo global management, a private equity company, to bid for AkzoNobel's $10billion special chemicals business

it is reported that LANXESS competes with teams including CVC capital partners, KKR, adventure international and baincapital; In addition, carlylegroup and blackstonegroup will make separate bids. Statistics show that LANXESS is a leading supplier of special chemicals in the world, and its core business includes the development, production and sales of chemical intermediates, additives, special chemicals and plastics. In 2016, the sales volume was 7.7 billion euros, with about 19200 employees worldwide and 74 production bases in 25 countries

Thailand's polyester industry giant signed an acquisition agreement with DuPont emperor

in October 2017, Thailand's polyester industry giant indorama company has signed an acquisition agreement with DuPont emperor. After the successful acquisition, indorama company will obtain eight major production assets of DuPont emperor in the United States, Europe and China

according to the current progress, this transaction is expected to be completed by the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018

unsuccessful acquisition case

huntsman and Clariant terminated the merger transaction

in May 2017, the American Chemical Company huntsman and Clariant announced that they had reached an all share equal merger agreement, and the new company would be named Huntsman Clariant, with an enterprise value of more than $20billion. The new company is mainly engaged in a series of chemical products such as polyurethane, pigments, automotive liquids, additives and resins, involving aerospace, agriculture, household cleaning and other industries. The sales volume calculated in 2016 is US $13.2 billion, and the total number of employees will be about 32000. Clariant shareholders will own 52% of the shares of the merged company, and Huntsman shareholders will own the remaining 48% of the shares

in October 2017, Clariant and Huntsman announced that more and more investors joined Whitetale holdings to oppose the deal and have terminated their mergers and acquisitions. It gave up the annual cost synergy of about US $400million and created the possibility of becoming the world's second largest manufacturer of specialty chemicals in Germany

PPG industry announced that it had abandoned the acquisition of AkzoNobel

in March 2017, AkzoNobel, a Dutch paint and chemical manufacturer, rejected a € 20.9 billion unsolicited acquisition proposal from its American counterpart PPG industries. AkzoNobel pointed out that the proposal of PPG industry significantly underestimated the value of the company and was not in the interests of shareholders. PPG industry said that by integrating complementary products and technologies and their advantages in different regions of the world, the merger of the two companies will produce a strong competitor in a highly competitive market. Then in April, AkzoNobel again rejected the takeover offer of PPG industry. In May, AkzoNobel rejected PPG industries' third acquisition proposal, which was 26.9 billion euros ($29.51 billion). Some Aksu shareholders led by hedge fund elliottadvisors support the merger of the two companies, and they have been pushing for negotiations

in June 2017, PPG industry announced that it had abandoned its proposal to acquire AkzoNobel

In October 2017, AkzoNobel, a Dutch paint group, said that it was negotiating to acquire axaltacoatingsystems, an American rival, which could form a giant with a market value of $30billion. AkzoNobel has a market capitalization of 19.5 billion euros (US $22.7 billion), and Aishi has a market capitalization of 8.1 billion US dollars. AkzoNobel said that the merger with Aishi will create a world-class paint and coating enterprise. Previously, AkzoNobel was sued by angry shareholders after rejecting the acquisition proposal of its American rival PPG industries

in November 2017, nipponpaintholdings, Japan's largest paint supplier, made an all cash takeover offer to aste paint, with a transaction value of more than $8.25 billion. This also led to the collapse of the merger and acquisition negotiations between Aishi and AkzoNobel. Ashder and AkzoNobel announced that they had concluded the reciprocal acquisition negotiations between the two sides, because they could not negotiate the terms of mutual recognition

in December 2017, NICHI holdings issued a statement saying that it terminated the acquisition negotiations with Aishi paint. NICU holdings had previously strived to acquire AISI through a public tender offer

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