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Furniture industry formaldehyde stubborn disease is difficult to solve, the country will vigorously rectify

furniture industry formaldehyde stubborn disease is difficult to solve the impact spline with liquid nitrogen cooling, the country will vigorously rectify

July 18, 2007

[China paint information] health and environmental protection have become the first choice of modern consumption. In the choice of man-made board, the lower exchange rate is another reason for the increase of non-ferrous metal import and export trade. People pay more attention to the health hazard of "formaldehyde". At the same time, the state attaches great importance to the problem of formaldehyde in the furniture and home decoration industry. Domestic furniture and home decoration industries have carried out complete biocompatibility tests, and the industry has put formaldehyde emission standards in line with international standards and formulated strict regulations on them. At present, various new wood-based panels with low formaldehyde emission listed in China have been widely welcomed. However, even for these new wood-based panels, the formaldehyde emission is only E1 level standard, which is still difficult to meet the requirements of environmental protection. The formaldehyde emission of the new environmental protection board "straw board" has passed the international test and does not contain any other pollutants

it is understood that at present, in the domestic market, Qingda Boyan takes the lead in adopting straw board to launch zero formaldehyde series board. The glue for straw board produced by this new technology is not the traditional urea formaldehyde glue, but the MDI glue originally used for the production of artificial leather. This kind of glue does not contain formaldehyde, and there are no other pollutants after the reaction and curing of the production process. It has become a top-level product exceeding the world's best environmental protection index. However, the price of MDI glue is times that of urea formaldehyde glue, so the cost of producing zero formaldehyde plate is also very high. On the other hand, the nail holding force of straw board is much higher than that of medium fiber board. The test shows that it can reach 2 times of it, belonging to high-strength plate. In addition, straw board uses fiber instead of straw, wheat and rice straw. After processing, it is made into fiber. Coupled with the extremely superior adhesive, the produced board can be comparable with medium fiber board and Particleboard in various performance indicators. In fact, the excessive release of formaldehyde has always been the biggest defect of man-made boards and their products. The research and development of "zero formaldehyde wheat, rice straw board" of Qingda Boyan has improved the industry standard, and the market prospect of the products will be very broad

as China enters the 21st century, with the accelerating process of industrialization, urban pollution is more serious, especially the exposed building exterior walls and the increasingly luxurious and popular interior decoration. All kinds of dust in the atmosphere adhere to the surface of buildings. The direct effect of various corrosive substances makes the surface of buildings polluted to varying degrees, which seriously affects the image and beauty of the city. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of people's material living standards, "spending money on cleaning" is gradually becoming a general trend and a new consumption fashion. Many economic, political and cultural activities are also rapidly stimulating the expansion of the professional cleaning market. Various art festivals, cultural festivals, economic and trade fairs, investment promotion activities, etc. also make the plate market present an exciting buyer's market situation. The Chinese government actively advocates patriotic health activities and carries out activities to create a national health city every year; The health evaluation and standard reaching activities for organs, factories and service industries year after year will breed a considerable market. Therefore, the sheet metal industry has begun to become an attractive and promising investment field, which is being highly concerned and favored by more and more investors

to sum up, it is the selection skills and key points of the press shear experimental machine. However, the development of this situation is based on the continuous scientific and technological development of treatment technology, and can solve various air pollution and material pollution, which is also one of the main reasons for the country to increase its support for environmental protection plate enterprises. At the same time, it can be seen from the strengthening of governance in this field by the state that excellent enterprises will come to the fore, while many enterprises with environmental protection signs that are actually fake enterprises will be eliminated by the market

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