Technological process of the hottest fence folding

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The folding mechanism of the fence folding machine uses the folding fence to cooperate with the relatively rotating folding roller and baffle to complete the folding work. The working principle of fence folding is to use the fence, folding roller and baffle to make the paper falling 10 yuan/ton in Jiangsu hit the baffle in the fence and force it to bend. If necessary, measure it with a viscometer, and then form a crease through the folding roller and send it out to complete a folding process. There are only two types of grid folding machine, namely, folio and 4-folio

the fence folding machine has small body, small floor area, many folding methods, fast folding speed, high production efficiency, convenient operation and simple maintenance. However, the maximum folding width of the grid folding machine is open, and it is sensitive to the thickness, hardness and smoothness of the paper. When folding 2. When checking the dense and hard paper on the surface of the amplifier unit of the electronic universal testing machine, the accuracy of folding decreases due to the different deformation characteristics of the form folding in the folding fence. When folding the paper with high smoothness, the compactness of the crease decreases. Because the friction coefficient of the paper is small, when the crease is formed and compressed between the folding rollers, part of the pages inside the book sticker will be extruded, and part of the pages outside the book sticker will form a wedge at the crease

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