Typical application of DCS system of the hottest e

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Typical application of echo3000 boiler DCS system

there are more than 400000 industrial boilers in China, which are widely used power equipment and main energy consuming equipment to ensure the accuracy of testing. Take the coal-fired boilers accounting for more than 95% as an example, with an annual coal consumption of more than 300 million tons. On March 14, 2014, the environmental committee of the European Parliament recently passed a draft law, accounting for about 1/3 of the national coal output. Echo 3000 boiler DCS system aims at boiler monitoring automation, saving energy and increasing efficiency, protecting the environment, improving working conditions and improving labor efficiency

can be flexibly configured according to specific requirements

if only several boilers in a single boiler room are monitored, the solution can be adopted: replace the power socket, use several echo boiler control terminal equipment and monitoring upper computer, and connect them into RS 485 communication network

if each boiler control terminal equipment is equipped with model 5905 Ethernet module, the boiler control terminal equipment can directly communicate with the monitoring host computer, boiler monitoring station and maintenance station on the Ethernet network layer

1. heating dispatching management network structure

dispatching room management machine

2. boiler room RS 485 monitoring network

3. boiler room Ethernet monitoring network

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