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Machine tools: technology is king in the post crisis era

on the morning of April 11, with the gradual enhancement of health awareness and changes in lifestyle, Su Bo, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, visited the enterprise booth after attending the opening ceremony of the machine tool exhibition. The picture shows Su Bo (left) listening to Guan Xiyou, chairman and general manager of Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd

recently, the 12th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (cimt2011) opened in Beijing. The organizer of the exhibition said that this exhibition is not only the exhibition of the latest and highest technological achievements of the world machine tool manufacturing industry, but also an important activity for the world machine tool manufacturing industry to actively respond to the impact and impact of the post financial crisis. At the same time, it is also the exhibition of the world machine tool manufacturing industry to face the latest development needs of the world economy and society, strive to change the development mode, vigorously promote the adjustment of industry and product structure, and achieve significant results

the level of the exhibition has improved.

emo (Europe), CIMT (China), IMTS (United States) and JIMTOF (Japan) are known as the world's four major exhibitions. These four exhibitions have the most important position and influence in the machine tool industry, and have received extensive attention and support from the industry and user fields at home and abroad

this year, the exhibition area of China International Machine Tool Exhibition reached 120000 square meters, which is the largest scale in previous years and the largest exhibition of its kind in China

at the scene, about 1400 well-known machine tool manufacturers from 28 countries and regions around the world gathered in Beijing, and all the internationally renowned machine tool enterprises participated in the exhibition. A total of more than 1200 machine tool mainframe products and large measuring instruments with the highest level among similar domestic exhibitions were displayed, as well as tens of thousands of machine tool supporting products. There are more than 740 domestic exhibitors and 650 overseas exhibitors, with the exhibition area at home and abroad accounting for about 50% respectively

the industrial activities and international exchange activities during the exhibition were rich and colorful. The Ministry of industry and information technology organized the special cimt2011 achievement exhibition of CNC machine tools, commonly known as exhibition in exhibition, which attracted the attention of many visitors

the exhibition site was crowded. The organizer expected that more than 200000 professionals from nearly 60 countries and regions would gather at the 12th China International Machine Tool Exhibition

internationally, the exhibition area of 120000 square meters is not large. However, comparing the turnover of the exhibition with the number of professional visitors, we are not inferior to any exhibition. Wu Bailin, executive vice president of China Machine Tool Industry Association, said

Wu Bolin also said that among the four exhibitions, China International Machine Tool Exhibition can well be ranked second. This ranking is not self appointed by the organizers, but a consensus from machine tool associations such as the European Union, the United States and Japan

why does China International Machine Tool Exhibition enjoy such a status? Two facts are related to this. First, China has become the world's largest machine tool consumer for five consecutive years. Second, in the post crisis era, foreign machine tool manufacturers have increased in the Chinese market, while their domestic market has repeatedly shrunk

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Wu Bolin told: the level of the exhibits on display this time has been greatly improved. Most of the foreign exhibitors brought the latest products, and the vast majority of them were exhibited in China for the first time. They were afraid of being compared with international peers and losing face in front of Chinese manufacturers

there are many highlights of overseas exhibits in this exhibition. First, highlight intelligent functions: many exhibits have functions such as expert system, multiple intelligent automatic compensation, voice navigation, intelligent security control and alarm

second, Advocate low-carbon and green manufacturing methods: many exhibits will adopt a variety of energy conservation and emission reduction. Mr. steffan Huber, President of Bayer materials technology China, said: "Sunshine dynamic, which landed in Nanjing, will participate in today's conference factory and all staff after the pre-sales sales play a demonstration and leading role. For Bayer materials technology, it is like a catalyst technology, and the small floor area of the machine tool will be the new selling point.

Third, flexibility, composite, five axis linkage, high precision and high speed are still the mainstream of the development of CNC machine tools: a variety of advanced manufacturing technologies, such as direct drive technology, linear motor and torque Motors, built-in motorized spindles, thermal deformation control technology and structural optimization technology are widely used

fourth, the automation level is improved: such as automatic loading and unloading of trusses or robots, laser tool setting in the machine, automatic replacement of milling heads, automatic front and back processing of parallel or opposed spindles, absolute measurement, etc

fifth, machine tools are developing to a safe and pleasant depth: a large number of ergonomic technologies are adopted, making programming and operation easier to master

in front of machine tool giants from traditional industrial powers, Chinese players are not fully qualified opponents, but the most important thing is to show their swords

the characteristics of domestic exhibitors are also very distinctive. First, many flexible production lines were launched at the exhibition, which shows that profound and huge changes are taking place in the marketing service concept of domestic enterprises

second, all kinds of fine products enhance the brand connotation. The global financial crisis has triggered a profound reflection on the industrial developed countries, and the world machine tool industry will usher in more intense market competition supported by high-tech. This has made this exhibition a grand stage for a collection of high-quality products

the third is the transformation of the development mode of innovative product interpretation. The good policy environment has led to a strong momentum in the research and development of new machine tool products. A wide range of exciting and innovative products have added infinite innovation and vitality to this exhibition, fully demonstrating the preliminary achievements of the industry in mode transformation, structure adjustment and independent innovation

fourth, energy conservation and emission reduction deepen green manufacturing. Green manufacturing is another major feature of cimt2011 exhibits. Many exhibits use a variety of energy-saving and emission reduction technologies to explain and advocate the meaning of low-carbon and green manufacturing methods to the audience. A green industrial revolution is emerging in the machine tool industry

fifth, intelligent manufacturing promotes emerging industries. A significant increase in smart machine tool exhibits has become another feature of this exhibition. Intelligent functions such as spindle self-adaptive, anti-collision, temperature compensation, automatic workpiece detection, fault self diagnosis and so on are reflected in this machine tool exhibition. The research, development and wide application of intelligent machine tools will certainly promote the rapid, healthy and sustainable development of China's emerging industries and lead to profound changes in the manufacturing industry in the future

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